About Paul Lima

Paul Lima built GP Motorcycles, a dealership of the finest European brands, from the ground up. Fueled by his fervent passion for motorcycles, Paul has provided exceptional service to thousands of friends and customers across the country. For almost two decades, Paul has always strived to make sure all his customers had the best possible experience with GP Motorcycles, even if it meant putting the best interest of his business aside. Introducing people to the motorsports lifestyle, sharing the experience, and creating new enthusiasts have always been the aim of Paul and GP Motorcycles.

Paul never hesitated to go the extra mile to represent the brands and products he regularly enjoyed, himself. Whether on the racetracks around the country, at trade shows or in the local community, there was no denying Paul’s passion and commitment to the brands he showcased with such genuine enthusiasm.

As many of you know, on April 4, 2012, Paul suffered a tragic accident while enjoying his passion. Paul had terrible crash on a motocross track and fractured bones in his lower back, and as a result of the accident, he is now paralyzed in both legs.

Paul recovered remarkably well from a 9-hour surgery to realign and stabilize his back, and he is now undergoing therapy and training at a rehabilitation center to get adjusted to his new life. While everyone prays for a full recovery, the prognosis is unfortunately not very promising. The doctors have given their normal, safe, low-percetage probability of gaining any meaningful sensation in his legs, but for those of you who know Paul, that small percentage is all he needs.

Through positive thoughts, prayers from around the world, and sheer determination, Paul and his family will make the best of their new situation.

About the Lima Family

Paul and Erin Lima met in high school - ninth grade to be exact...although they do share similar memories of the pre-school they both attended at the same time...and have been inseparable ever since, going on 25 years.

They have been married for just over 18 years, and have 2 beautiful children; their son Caelan (15 - soon to be Eagle Scout) and daughter Devon (12 - going on 21).

They are an energetic family, enjoying such outdoor activies as hiking, camping, road and mountain biking, tennis, surfing, swimming, water polo, and of course motocross and trail riding.

And, with the support of family and friends for Paul's continued recovery, they hope to be able to continue these activies as a family in the not too distant future.

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