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Friends, it is now time for us to help Paul and his family!

Lima Family in HawaiiThis is an incredibly difficult time for Paul, his wife, his two children and everyone close to him. There are many physical and psychological challenges that lay ahead for Paul, and the best we can do for him and his family is help pave a path across this arduous terrain that he must now find his way across.

Paul does have medical coverage. However, there will be many additional expenses not covered by his insurance. There will be family expenses, such as home remodeling, a specialty vehicle, and hired help. There will be additional rehabilitation programs and/or medical procedures not covered by his medical insurance. In order to create an environment that gives him the best chance for recovery, Paul Lima and his family need our help.

We have set up a bank account as well as a PayPal account to accept donations for the benefit of the Lima family. Please show your generosity and contribute so Paul can get the best treatment available, and so that his family at GP Motorcycles can welcome him back as soon as possible.

Checks made out to "The Lima Family Recovery Fund" can be mailed directly to First California Bank::

The Lima Family Recovery Fund
c/o First California Bank
P.O. Box 1387
Escondido, CA  92033

Donate Today

Funds can be donated to the Lima Family using PayPal, or sent to First California Bank directly.  Donate today!

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